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Pryzm Digital Two-Way Radio 6-User System

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$1,954.80 - $2,174.75
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If you would like to customize any part of this package, such as case color or earhooks instead of coiled tubes, call right away and we will make it happen!

6 Pryzm Radios:

Our Pryzm DMR radio is one of the smallest and lightest on the market! Loaded with digital features like private calling and an all-call channel this radio brings an entirely new dimension of clarity to instant push-to-talk communication. HIPAA compliance is a breeze with digital encryption (upon request) and the Lithium Polymer battery can last up to 20 hours, not to mention its lifespan is longer than Ion batteries.

UHF Business Band
2 Watt Power
Lithium Ion Battery for Long Life, Light Weight
Narrow Band Compliant
Exceptional Digital Sound Quality

2 Concierge Earpieces:

The Concierge earpiece is a very comfortable coiled tube earpiece that is exceptionally durable and secure. The push-to-talk button is conveniently located in line with the cable.

The single-wire design is excellent for front office staff who do not wear gloves and do desk oriented work most of the day. Due to the nature of office work this unit can be worn outside of the clothing.

For other earpiece options call today to customize your package!

4 Sentinel Earpieces:

The Sentinel earpiece features less wire than other 2-wire kits. One wire leaves the radio and runs to a microphone push-to talk unit; the earpiece wire attaches at the microphone/push to talk unit near the lapel and runs under the shoulder to the back of the neck. The audio quality for the Sentinel coiled tube earpiece is excellent. The Sentinel features a large PTT that which lies flat; this means it's really easy to find and press and can be pressed with the inside of the wrist if your hands are gloved, preventing contamination or the need to change gloves, not to mention can be pressed in situations where the user's hands are full!

With this earpiece you can talk into your radio at a conversational tone and have crystal clear communication. The Sentinel uses Kevlar-reinforced wiring and top quality strain reliefs. It was designed for those in law enforcement, so it will survive in even the roughest work environment.

For other earpiece options call today to customize your package!

6 Semi-Custom Skeletal Earmolds:

Our silicone semi-custom earmolds are soft and very comfortable. They can be worn up to 12 hours without fuss, some customers have said they sometimes leave work with it still in because they forgot it was there!

This style does not block the ear canal, rather it "floats" the tip of the tube in your ear canal leaving a gap around it large enough to allow you to hear your surroundings! This means you catch every radio communication clearly, but never lose situational awareness.

This package includes:
Right Small: 2
Right Medium: 2
Left Small: 2
To choose different sizes call today to customize your package!

Colorful Silicone Sleeves (included colors vary):

We've discovered that it's easier to differentiate between radios using colors, not to mention, why don't we have some fun with it? This package includes 6 silicone sleeves to outfit your radios. These perform more than one function. First, they protect the radios in a drop scenario, the soft silicon will cushion a fall and absorb the impact. Secondly, they make it easy to determine which radio is which at a glance. Furthermore, they can be used to assign radios to staff, inferring ownership that will encourage taking care of the unit, not to mention make it easier to keep track of them.

Optional 6-Bank Charger:

One of the biggest challenges in any work or project environment is keeping track of expensive equipment. The 6-Bank charger helps a great deal in this regard giving you a central storage location and eliminating the mess of many charger wires and the challenge of using multiple outlets. It uses 1 cord and only needs 1 outlet.

Designed to charge a radio fully in only one hour, this charger is electronically controlled to protect your batteries and charge them fast. An added feature is the ability to charge a battery which is not attached to the radio, simply drop the battery alone into the slot. Just glance at your charger at the end of the day and be confident all of your radios have been returned to a central location.