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About Us

Black Diamond Radio
We Sell Teamwork

Please, if you ever have suggestions or concerns we are always open to hear them! Email or call us to share your opinions and advice. We are not a huge corporate conglomerate, just a group of average people providing communication solutions and we love to hear from you!
Black Diamond Radio can be reached:
Phone: 800.711.7317

Mail or in person at:
Black Diamond Radio
1905 Jasper St
Unit A
Aurora, CO 80011

Black Diamond Radio started as Custom Earpiece in 2002 when our president David Eames learned that a customer service oriented company was sorely needed in the two-way radio accessory market.

Due to stellar customer service the company grew rapidly, almost immediately making a name for itself by providing earpieces and other two-way radio accessories that provided crystal clarity and had the durability to stand up to the test of time alongside a level of service the industry had not seen before. No phone menu mazes, no bouncing around departments, just a friendly voice answering a call and solving problems so our customers could get back to focusing on operations.

The next logical step was to manufacture two-way radios in order to provide the same customer service and product quality in the two-way radio market that Custom Earpiece had offered in the accessory market, and Black Diamond Radio was born.

Exploding onto the market, BDR originated a warranty that would change the entire dynamic of how a business integrates two-way radios into their facilities. Realizing that being budget-friendly was paramount, "If You Can Break It We Will Replace It" became the motto. Black Diamond Radio started replacing radios regardless of the cause of failure, including accidents that BDR wasn't responsible for to ensure that customers didn't need to ding their budget when a radio was down and needed replacing. Despite the two-year warranty being scoffed at by competitors, years later BDR still offers this incredible warranty on every single radio that leaves our warehouse, and not one single competitor has attempted to match it.

To this day, our phone system has no menu and our service has not decreased in quality in the slightest. You call, we answer, it's that simple. Press nothing to speak to a representative!